Doodah-ism is a collection of about fifty photo-artworks printed on stretched, unframed canvas.

The works can be viewed simply as bold and colourful wall art, yet many of the images contain ideas that playfully reflect on well known art trends, perceptions of art and other artist's oeuvre.


'Doodah-ism' shares some ideals with that of the Dada art movement, which was formed in reaction to the horrors of war, and includes irreverence, nonsense, humour and an 'anti-art' sentiment.

The works are designed as feasts for the eye and/or mind, intended to “...bind intelligence to pleasure – with mischievous delight!” ( René Magritte)

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Yarram Gallery event

The official opening of the premiere of Doodah-ism at Yarram Courthous Gallery was a joyful occasion with a good turnout and quite a few works sold.